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The EGRMS Counseling Office offers a variety of counseling services. Individual Counseling is all about exploring concerns in a safe atmosphere and "partnering" with a professional school counselor who can listen and lend expertise to each individual's unique concerns and circumstances. By working with a caring, objective, and non-judgmental professional, students have an opportunity to struggle with complex, often perplexing issues and concerns. They often come to a better understanding of themselves. They and their counselor look for solutions together. This deeper self-awareness can then enable students to make healthier, more informed choices and enhance their personal and academic lives.

Group Counseling most often involves several students who share similar concerns or life circumstances coming together to meet with a counselor. The support, feedback, and dialogue that develops in group counseling are often very beneficial in developing awareness, promoting change, and reducing feelings of isolation.

Comprehensive Guidance Lessons and Presentations are done by an EGRMS Counselor. Our staff has a broad knowledge base on middle school issues. Some of them include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship problems, loss and grief, bullying, and many others.

Referral involves an EGRMS counselor educating a student/parent(s) about resources both within the EGR system and externally to the EGR community.

involves being available to staff, faculty, and family members when they are concerned about a student. Staff and faculty are able to speak with us about a student and his/her behavior with or without revealing the student's name. Doing so can help faculty and staff intervene and speak with the student. It can also help determine whether further assistance or counseling might be necessary. Staff members can also be guided on how to speak with the student about whom they are concerned. Similarly, family members can share their concerns about a student and receive appropriate input and feedback.