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Academic Help

Better Grades—You Can Help!

What Are We Missing?
Checklist for Success - Just the Beginning

Please click on teacher name in the directory
Find homework links listed on the teacher's homepage

After school homework help
Monday - Thursday, 2:52-3:02 p.m.

Before school homework help
Please click here to contact individual teachers for a.m. options

What do I do if my child's grades are dropping?
Have you checked the online resource, Skyward, for missing assignments? If all assignments have been handed in, please contact the teacher.

What do I do if my child isn't doing or completing his/her homework?
In your child's planner, ask the teacher these two questions:
  • Did my child turn in his or her homework for the day?
  • Does my child have homework for tonight?
This will give you an immediate response to see if your child has completed his/her homework.

If the  problem is in more than one class, please contact the counselor for an individual behavior/homework plan.