Career Exploration

Career Lunches
Career lunches are designed to promote awareness of a variety of careers/jobs under the umbrella of the six Michigan Career Pathways. Generally, a speaker is chosen to represent the career pathway.

Any student in grades 6-8 may sign up for each of the career lunches during their lunch period the week before the speaker is scheduled. Approximately 50 students attend each career lunch presentation. A girl and a boy are chosen from each science class. Students must take the initiative to sign up to be considered for each career lunch. If the number of interested students exceeds the number of seats available, students will be selected by lottery. Students who have not attend before will have priority over students who have attended in the current school year.

Career lunches are held in the Media Center from 11:15-12:15. The dates are dependent on the speakers' schedules and are posted as speakers are confirmed.

Calendar of Speakers
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Michigan Career Pathways
What are the six career pathways in the State of Michigan?
Careers, there is a career path for you.

Career Guidance Lessons - Sixth Grade
E-WOW Assessment
Career Lunches

Career Guidance Lessons - Seventh Grade
Career Cruising
Educational Development Plan (EDP)
Career Lunches

Career Guidance Lessons - Eighth Grade
Explore Test
Career Lunches

Additional assessments are available by appointment for students who wish to clarify or further explor etheir career profile.
John Holland's Self Directed Search Career Explorer